Astra is the plural of astrum, which means "astro", in Latin. The company’s name arose in a meeting of the partners, at the time of its foundation, in 1957. The first Astra logo was created without pretense, from the need to elaborate a letterhead, also in 1957.

Red and blue

At the time, the method used was letterpress. Thus, Astra’s letterhead name was highlighted by distinct types, with the letters framed in rectangles. This model ended up being refined over the years, it gained new lines and the colors red and blue, but it always maintained its main characteristic: the red squares, which ended up serving as a reference to highlight Astra’s line of action, as the small red squares remind building bricks.

Current brand

In 2016, close to completing 60 years of activities, Astra presented the new version of its logo, which has evolved to suit the company’s field of action today. Check out the video that shows the evolution of the Astra logo over the years.

Brand Manual


For the correct application of the Astra logo and institutional colors, download the Brand Manual. To access the logo, download it.


  • 2010


    In 2016, about to complete 60 years of foundation, Astra makes a significant update of its logo. The letters, now robust and closer together, are positioned within a single rectangle, representing the company's multi-specialty.


    Astra Live In Your Life

    Thinking about the proximity between its audiences, the company's slogan is changed again. The illustration of a house is the graphic element used.

  • 2000

    Astra, Present In Your Home

    The logo undergoes major changes. The edges of the squares are rounded and the font is changed.

  • 1990

    Astra, Your House Deserves

    The letters that make up the company name, still serifed, become more elegant. The slogan takes on a new meaning.

  • 1980

    Astra, Present In Your Home

    In this version, blue takes on a new hue. A new slogan - which would later become one of the company's attributes - is created.

  • 1970

    Astra, The Most Complete And Diverse Line Of Bathroom Accessories

    The red and blue colors are retained, as are the squares that resemble building bricks. Modified, the slogan still highlights bathroom accessories.

  • 1960

    Astra, The Ideal Complement For Your Bathroom

    After a few years, the logo is no longer present only on letterhead and starts to incorporate packaging and be stamped on manufactured products. Astra's first slogan is created.

  • 1950


    Developed by a typographer, the Astra logo first appeared on company letterhead. Its main feature was its letters framed in rectangles.