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Socio-Environmental Reponsibility

Citizen company

The Astra Group has been involved in socio-environmental actions for about 20 years now.

The company’s installations are all located in the city of Jundiaí, São Paulo state, an area very concerned about the community, the environment and the quality of life in the surroundings. These characteristics were incorporated by the company, that started its own actions inside and outside its walls.

The Community
The Group invests in many different kinds of actions: social, sportive, cultural, educational, environmental and community-related. The future of the community in which the company is inserted is something that is taken into account on a daily basis.
The Initiatives
To promote development and to entertain the community, the Group realizes projects in partnership with the government in federal or state level. This way, Astra Group is more and more connected to the people in the city through cultural projects and sports-related initiatives.
The Environment
To take care of the environment, the company works with management and appropriate discard of waste and recycling. The material that is separated as recyclable is sold to other companies, and the money returns in benefits to the employees in events or with investments in the Group’s club - that has leisure areas, dance classes, playground and space to entertain the contributors and their families.
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  Culture - Astra-Finamax Concerts
foto (02)

  Culture - Astra-Finamax Concerts
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  Culture - Winter Festival of Jundia
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  Sports - Samir Barel
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  Sports - Street run (Health and Well-being Circuit)
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  Sports - So Bernardo Volleyball Men’s Team
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  Education - Astra Mathematics Olympic Games
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  Education - Astra Mathematics Olympic Games
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  Environment - Material selection for recycling
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  Environment - Waste collection within the plant
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