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Organizational Culture


The Astra Group has about 2.500 employees in all its unities together.

The size of the company and its constant growth reflects how important the contributors are to it. The Group possesses characteristics to look after the people that work in the company. How each employee feels about their job, matters to us. We care a great deal about their well-being. That’s how several benefits were aggregated to the job contract, along the years.

Job Opportunities
When it comes to human resource, the Group has a program that gives teenagers their first jobs. They can join the company as apprentices at the age of 14, or as employees when they are 16 years old. By giving the youth these job opportunities, the Astra Group contributes to their personal development and is able to educate and form young professionals.
Leaders, Today
These new professionals are trained and qualified to continue in the Group - as it happens very often (there are cases of people that started as apprentices and are leaders, today), but they also have the option to look for different job opportunities. This way, the Astra Group also contributes to the formation of quality manpower, improving the economy and bringing wealth to the area.
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To be present with the largest number of items in the largest number of customers across Brazil and the world, with personalized service and proucts with functional design.


To be recognized as a Brazilian multinational and multi-specialized company which creates products and solutions for peoples everyday life and which aims to be a reference in practicality, design and well-being.


Ethics in relationships and conduction of business.
Simplicity in structure, processes and relationships.
Respect for society as a whole and for the environment.
Close contact with all our audiences.
Friendliness in the way of being and acting.
Care in the preservation of Astra�s way of being and doing.
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